A 2001 Minnesota Inventors Congress award winner.

• Are built from .60 mil rubber

• Are heavy-duty and durable

• Have raised corners that actually contain water

• Can be custom made to fit most any size


Our mats our sold locally at Mankato Oil and Tire. You can also find our mats at Unique Classic Cars.

If you've spent any time searching for a garage floor mat, the first thing you likely noticed was that many of the mats are vinyl and come with snap-together edges or  edges made of PVC. Where is the containment factor?



  • True Containment

    Our mats come with real corners that hold the water in, and we don't have any silly seams that catch the water only to push it onto the floor elsewhere. The corners bounce back, and The Containment Mat contains, plain and simple.

  • Heavy Duty

    Our mats are made from .60 mil rubber with raised edges that expand back into place after you drive on them so that your mat catches water, and then contains it.

  • Versatile

    We have different sizes of mats to fit your different needs. Have a size in mind
    for that unique project?
    Run it by us.

  • Hot-rod friendly

    Classic-car enthusiasts love our mats because the rubber stops moisture from coming up through the ground and messing with the undercarriage of the car. Now isn't that protection worth bragging about?

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